Overseas Office and Facilities

  1. Satellite Office at Chulalongkorn University (GSS)
  2. Global Center of Excellence Kyoto University – Institut Teknologi Bandung for GCOE Joint Research and Education Center (GSEng.)
  3. Kyoto University-University of Malaya Overseas Base in Malaysia for Education and Research (GSEng.)
  4. Japanese Research-Team Laboratory, Kinabalu Park Headquarters (GSA)
  5. Khon Kaen Reseach Office of the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University (GSA)
  6. Japanese Research-Team Laboratory, Deramakot Forest Reserve (GSA)
  7. Kyoto University Research Office at Kasetsart University (GSA)
  8. JASTIP Bioresource & Biodiversity Joint Laboratory (GSA)
  9. Kyoto University Satellite Office at IPB University (formerly Bogor Agricultural University) (GSA/GSGES)
  10. Laos Field Station (ASAFAS/CSEAS)
  11. Makassar Field Station (ASAFAS/CSEAS)
  12. Myanmar Field Station (ASAFAS/CSEAS)
  13. Cambodia Field Station (ASAFAS/CSEAS)
  14. Pekanbaru Field station (ASAFAS/CSEAS)
  15. Hue Kyoto University GSGES Office (GSGES)
  16. Danang Kyoto University GSGES Office (GSGES/GSEng.)
  17. Hanoi Kyoto University GSGES Office (GSGES)
  18. Mahidol Kyoto University GSGES Office (GSGES)
  19. Thai Research Station Collaborative Research Laboratory (IAD)
  20. JASTIP Energy & Environment Joint Laboratory @ Pathum Thani (IAD)
  21. JASTIP Energy & Environment Joint Laboratory @ Bangkok (IAD)
  22. Equatorial Atmosphere Radar (RISH)
  23. RISH-RDUB Satellite Office (RISH)
  24. MHP Acacia Research Office (RISH)
  25. ARN Joint Laboratory / JASTIP Bioresources & Biodiversity Joint Laboratory (RISH)
  26. JASTIP Disaster Prevention Joint Laboratory (DPRI)
  27. JASTIP Disaster Prevention Joint Laboratory (DPRI)
  28. Bangkok Liaison Office (CSEAS)
  29. Jakarta Liaison Office (CSEAS)
  30. JASTIP Headquarters (CSEAS)
  31. Field Station for Tropical Forest and Biodiversity Studies (CER)
  32. Kuala Sungai Danum Research Station (WRC)
  33. Smart Materials Research Center (KUIAS)
  34. Laboratory for Green Porous Material (KUIAS)

   As of March 1, 2021

GSEng.: Graduate School of Engineering, GSS: Graduate School of Science, GSA: Graduate School of Agriculture, ASAFAS: Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, CSEAS: The Center for Southeast Asian Studies, GSGES: Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, IAD:Institute of Advanced Energy, RISH: The Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, DPRI:Disaster Prevention Research Institute, CER:Center for Ecological Research, WRC: The Wildlife Research Center, KUIAS:Institute for Advanced Study