Kyoto-ASEAN Virtual Fields


Since the 1960s, Kyoto University (KU) has been leading a wide range of academic activities in the ASEAN region. KU conducts practical trainings at field sites, in close cooperation with ASEAN universities and research institutions. Immerse yourself in the “virtual fieldwork”!

ASEAN Center Director Eiji Nawata

Experience our unique fieldwork! The original programs were developed by World-Class professors at Kyoto University and ASEAN partner organizations. Watching the sample video clips is free of charge.

If you like the “virtual fieldwork”, you can learn more during KU short-term programs. Some programs offer online platforms or scholarship for selected students with excellent academic records.

The videos archived on the portal site can be used for research and educational purposes. If you wish to use them, please fill in the form. However, use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

VR Video Archive

Kyoto University offers a wide range of short-term international programs for students both from ASEAN partners and KU : AUN winter seminar organized by ASEAN University Network (AUN) and KU’s Graduate School of Energy Science; RSDC program conducted by Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies and Disaster Prevention Research Institute; Graduate School of Agriculture and other departments regularly recruit participating students from ASEAN partners. Over the programs, you will learn latest academic fields, fieldwork, and Japan-ASEAN cultures!

If you are a high school student in ASEAN, please check Kyoto iUP (International Undergraduate Program)

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student in ASEAN, please check “Graduate Admission Guide for International Applicants”

If you are a current student at Kyoto University, please check “Study Abroad for KU students”