Japan Education Fair in Turkey 2015

On March 14 we participated at the “Japan Education Fair in Turkey 2015” in Istanbul which was held at the former Japanese Embassy. Because Turkey is in the middle of the rapid economic growth the internationalisation of the Universities is also making fast progress. They are becoming a part of the European frameworks like ERASMUS and the growing number of Subjects taught in English is becoming visible as well. Even though the number of Turkish and Middle East students at Kyoto University is fairly small, the Kyoto University European Office took part at the fair and offered personal consultation for students who wished to study abroad. As a part of this fair a an event to strengthen the global networks (Global30) was held.

Beginning with the Doshisha University, the Tokyo University, the Keio University as well the the JATEF(Japan Turkey Education Foundation) were represented themselves. Concerning the Kyoto University Prof. Chul-Woo KIM and Akiko Fujihara (both Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering) participated the event. The Kyoto University European Center was represented by its Director Prof. Takashi Matsuura and the University Research Administrator (URA) Tamaki Suzuki as well a the staff member Yuki Yoshimatsu . The 224 visiting students mainly came from the Bogazici University and the Istanbul Technical University. We gave advise to many students who wished to study cutting-edge engineering and Japanese as well as Asian culture on curriculums, scholarships and matters of daily life an alike.

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