Prep Meeting for Exchange Students (July 14)

Heidelberg office held a Prep Meeting for Exchange Students who will go to Kyoto University at the University of Heidelberg. Approximately 20 students participated in this event.

We provided basic information on living and studying in Japan ranging from administrative affairs to matters of daily life. This time, the liaison office of Heidelberg in Kyoto also introduced by director Ms. Sabine Schenk. There was also a presentation from a Japanese exchange student to show a real life and introduce club activities, student’s magazines in Kyoto by a student point of view. The candidates were interested in their presentations. Afterwards, we had time for FAQ and there were many questions about preparing of process to go to Japan, life style and so on.

We had a networking event (“stammtisch” in German) and the students exchanged their useful information each other.

Heidelberg office will keep supporting students who have high interests of study in Japan and provide such kind of useful information event.


▼Download Program (in English only)

Prep Meeting for Exchange Students Program


The Conference Venue

Presentation by Director of University of Heidelberg in Kyoto Office

Presentation by Student of the Kyoto University

Presentation by Staff of Kyoto University