Prof. Shoichiro Hara and Prof. Toshihiko Kishi at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies discusses with the Head Libratioan of the East Asian Library, Heidelberg University

On July 10, Professor Shoichiro Hara and Professor Toshihiko Kishi from Center for Southeast Asian Studies visited Mr. Hanno Lecher, Head of East Asia Library at Heidelberg University. The story goes back to last October when professor Kishi visited Heidelberg for the first time. He paid a visit to this library and got very impressed by the collection of Chinese books, hoping for his next visit to talk about possible networking with Kyoto University.

This time, professor Hara whose discipline is Informatics accompanied prof. Kishi and he introduced his efforts on establishing database for his institute. The

East Asia Library is currently switching over to construct their new database, and once they are ready we will continue our discussion including the possibility for OPAC networking.