Experience Japan Exhibition (EJE) 2018 study abroad fair at the Royal Society (11/17・London)

On November 17, the Kyoto University European Center participated in the Experience Japan Exhibition (EJE) 2018 study abroad fair at the Royal Society in London. The event was hosted by Keio University and the British Council. About 500 people from all over Great Britain attended in this event, including high school students, undergraduate students and graduate students in UK as well as Japanese high school students currently living in London.

Staff from the Kyoto University European Center presented foreign student ways to boost their education and career at Kyoto University. Two exchange students from Kyoto University presently studying in London answered questions about classes and their daily lives in Kyoto, which was much appreciated by the audience.

In our presentation “Why Kyoto University?” we introduced Kyoto as a historic and innovative city and Kyoto University as an attractive destination for ambitious students and researchers, because of its unique research environment and possibilities, which led to 10 Nobel Prizes for Kyoto University researchers.

Over 200 people visited our booth and asked many questions about English taught courses. They were highly interested in studying at Kyoto University, many thinking of taking Master’s or Ph. D. courses.

This is the fourth time we joined the EJE. We enjoyed meeting a great variety of students each with different backgrounds and interests, but all of them keen to go to Kyoto University. It astonished us that students, who are thinking about taking PhD courses, already have concrete ideas of what they want to study at Kyoto University. Their motivation was inspiring.

Our goal is to support them in their aspirations by giving them adequate information on Kyoto University.