HeKKSaGOn Presentation at Science Agora 2017 in Tokyo

On November 26, the Kyoto University European Center supported a HeKKSaGOn session at the Science Agora 2017 in Tokyo. The session titled “Border-Crossing Research: The German-Japanese University Network HeKKSaGOn” was organized by both liaison offices in Germany and Japan in their role as HeKKSaGOn contact points and included contributions by several speakers affiliated with HeKKSaGOn partner universities.

Science Agora is a forum for stakeholders from different regions, fields, and sectors held each year in Tokyo, Odaiba, to provide an opportunity for interaction and cooperation, and to connect science and society in a fruitful and harmonious way. (http://www.jst.go.jp/csc/scienceagora/en/about/)

The central topic of the Science Agora 2017 was “Beyond the Boundaries” which inspired representatives of HeKKSaGON to propose a session on research opportunities and student mobility within the network. The session was opened by a brief introduction of HeKKSaGOn by Sabine Schenk (Heidelberg University Office Kyoto – HUOK) and Prof. Saori Obayashi (Osaka University).

Four students from HeKKSaGOn universities contributed with their personal experiences in research and student mobility within the network. The presenters are students from different academic fields ranging from the natural sciences to the humanities, and social sciences. Ms. Sayaka Kawahara from Osaka University and Ms. Eriko Kimura from Kyoto University presented their experience of studying at Heidelberg University to the audience. On behalf of students from the German side, Ms. Thuy Tien Nguyen from KIT and Mr. Robin Himmelmeier from Göttingen talked about their research at Kyoto University and Tohoku University.

Science Agora Main Hall

The enthusiastic presentations by the students show, that HeKKSaGOn not only provides opportunities to increase student mobility, it also broadens the knowledge and the experiences of students through studying abroad. Furthermore, HeKKSaGOn activates the flow of research internationally and encourages the creation of knowledge by supporting the exchange of researchers from Germany and Japan.

Introduction to HeKKSaGOn by Sabine Schenk (HUOK)  Introduction to HeKKSaGOn by Prof. Saori Obayashi (Osaka University)
Student presentations at the HeKKSaGOn Session: “Border-Crossing Research: The German-Japanese University Network HeKKSaGOn”   Closing Ceremony