Second Phase HeKKSaGOn Projects announced

In September 2019, four priority areas were chosen as major themes for HeKKSaGOn’s second phase at the President’s Conference in Heidelberg. Many research projects were invited to contribute to these areas:

  1. Transcultural studies and the transformation of cultural heritage
  2. Data science, digitization, and artificial intelligence
  3. Health, well-being, safe and resilient societies
  4. Engineering molecular systems and bio-imaging


After the deadline ended on 9 September, the applications were reviewed by every university based on a variety of common criteria. The result of the screening process was presented online at the HeKKSaGOn Alliance Vice-Presidents’ Meeting on 28 September. The following new projects selected:

  • Next Generation Biomedical Sciences: Fusion of Molecular Engineering, Imaging, and Modelling
  • Quantum Innovation by Interdisciplinary Medical Research
  • Mineral and energy resource systems for resilient, sustainable societies
  • Robotics for Health, Well-being, Safe and Resilient Societies
  • HeKKSaGOn Conference and Summer School: “The Digital World: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics”
  • Mathematics at the Interface of Science and Technology
  • Asian and Transcultural Studies: The Next Generation
  • Recreating Global History from Asian Perspectives: The Twentieth-Century World in Turmoil

Kyoto University professors and research are involved in many of these projects including Prof. Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano (Graduate School of Letters) as the Lead Coordinator of “Asian and Transcultural Studies: The Next Generation” and Prof. Senjo Shimizu (Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies)  and Assoc. Prof. Benjamin-craig McLellan as Co-Coordinator of “Mathematics at the Interface of Science and Technology” and “Mineral and Energy Resource Systems for Resilient, Sustainable Societies.”

Kyoto University European Center will provide continuous organizational support for and distribution of results of HeKKSaGOn’s 2nd phase.