Online meeting between University of Vienna Library and Kyoto University Library staff

The University of Vienna is one of Kyoto University’s strategic partners. As part of a recently launched new matching initiative, an online meeting with representatives from both university libraries was held on July 9. The universities’ presidents suggested a new cooperation in the field of informatics with the libraries as a starting point for a possible collaboration at an online meeting in January.

University of Vienna library Director Maria Seissel, Dr. Wolfgang Nikolaus Rappert, Deputy Head of Vienna University Library and Archive Services with 6 other members from different departments joined Professor Hiroyuki Matsui, Deputy Director-General of Kyoto University Library Network, Dr. Chifumi Nishioka, Assistant Professor of the Network and Professor Shoji Kajita (Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies), other administrative staff of the library and URAs. A total of 18 people participated in this event. The meeting opened by an introduction of each organization. It commenced with a question-and-answer session in which the participants got acquainted with each other and which revealed various similarities as well as differences. The university library representatives suggested to consider collaborating in the field of data management and agreed to a (virtual) meeting in fall to continue discussions.

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