Kyoto University promoted iUP Program.

On 22nd – 23rd June 2017, In the matter of our new International Undergraduate Program is recently open. Prof. Takenao YOSHIZAKI, Vice of the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences, together with Mr. Mitsumasa Mabuchi, Director of International Education and Student Mobility Division Education Promotion and Student Support Department, Administrative staffs from our head office visited and discussed with 3 Thai high schools which are Triam Udom Suksa School, Suankularb Wittaylai School and Chulangkorn University Demonstration Secondary School.Thank you very much for the warm welcome. We deeply appreciate for your kindness.

Kyoto University iUP program is a bilingual course for international undergraduate students which provides the courses for 4.5 years in all majors except medical and pharmaceutical science. This program is looking for talented or gifted students from around the globe.

For more information please visit…/international/students1/kyoto_iup