e-ASIA pre-meeting held at Kyoto University ASEAN center

Kyoto University ASEAN center supports research and educational activities initiated by faculty members. Director, Prof. Takashi Watanabe (Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere: RISH)’s proposal in the field of alternative energy on the topic of bioenergy was selected for the approval of the e-ASIA JRP board. On 3rd of February, representatives from the four participating countries gathered together in Bangkok.

This project named “Integrated biorefinery of sugarcane trash” will be conducted jointly by the members from Kyoto University RISH, Graduate School of Energy Science, Institute of Advanced Energy, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and Chiang Mai University in Thailand, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and National University of Laos. This three-year project aims to convert sugarcane trash to advanced biofuels and biochemical and to contribute to the regional society. During the pre-meeting, the leading members kicked off the discussion about project members, matching funds, research plan, and legal compliance.

This project is initially conceived by the successful collaboration of the JASIP-Net for collaborative research, under “Japan-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Platform: Promotion of Sustainable Development Research”. We hope that the Japan-ASEAN initiatives for multilateral research projects and for nurturing next generation of scientists will flourish further.

Link: http://www.the-easia.org/jrp/pdf/1_Bioenergy_7th.pdf


Group photo:From front right, Dr. Euis Hermiati (LIPI), Prof. Takashi Watanabe(RISH)、Dr. Verawat Champreda (NSTDA), Dr. Keonakhone Khounvilay (National University of Laos). From back right, Mr. Ryuichi Fukuhara (JASTIP), Dr. Pattanop Kanokratana(NSTDA), Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki(Institute of Advanced Energy), Director Mamoru Shibayama(Kyoto University ASEAN center), Dr. Chartichai Khanongnuch(Chiang Mai University)