Kyoto University ASEAN Center made a presentation for ASEAN NEXT 2019 Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand

Kyoto University ASEAN center has been working on promotional activities to expand its regional network. Upon an invitation, Chisato Saito gave a presentation in Bangkok at ASEAN NEXT 2019 meeting on 18th March 2019 organized by Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand.

After remarks by the Minister, Chair and executives of ASEAN organizations, sessions were held to share the vision about ASEAN-Japan STI Sustainable Partnership. Titled as “To Strengthen STI Collaboration in Education and Research Towards SDGs Goals Between Japan and ASEAN: Nurturing Research Administrators at Kyoto University and Beyond”, Ms. Saito introduced;

(1) Kyoto University ASEAN Center,

(2) Academic Support by University Research Administrators and Their Skill Development and

(3) Co-design Space and Funding for STI Network.

During the same session, other Japanese presenters quoted “Japan-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Platform: Promotion of Sustainable Development Research” and various tools to facilitate international collaboration by Springer Nature. Dr. Taro Sonobe (Kyoto University ASEAN Center / KURA) contributed to organizing the Japanese representatives above.

Participants from the ASEAN countries were very interested in the Japanese good practice and asked many questions afterward. We hope that the Japan-ASEAN initiatives for nurturing next generation of research administrators will be mutually beneficial and sustainable.


Ms. Chisato Saito made a presentation.


Group photo:Assoc. Prof. Soranit Siltharm, M.D. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology and Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara, Undersecretary for Research and Development, Department of Science and Technology, the Republic of Philippines, ASEAN COSTI Chair, stand in the right handside