Vietnam Academy for Social Sciences visited Kyoto University

On 12th November, visitors from Vietnam Academy for Social Science (VASS) visited Kyoto University for greeting and sharing the information with Kyoto University representatives, led by Prof. Kono Yasuyuki, Vice President for International Strategy, Director of International Strategy Headquarters, and others Kyoto University faculty members, on a perspective MOU between Vietnam Academy for Social Sciences (VASS) and Kyoto University and cooperation with VASS-affiliated research institutions. Later, the meeting still continued to discuss with KU experts of “gender and family studies” for discussing about cooperation potential. The meeting place was set at Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall & Inamori Building. In the afternoon session, the delegation from Kyoto University took the delegation from Vietnam Academy for Social Science to visit and sight seeing Center of Southeast Asian Studies.

Vietnam Academy for Social Sciences (VASS) is a research institution in Social Science and was established in 1953. The role of VASS is to conduct the fundamental research, provide and develop the sustainable policies, strategies, human resources and more to shape the social science for all region in Vietnam.