Challenges in Data Science, International Conference, Matera, Italy (July 8-10)

The international conference “Challenges in Data Science” was held in Matera, Italy from 8th to 10th,July. This conference was co-organized by Kyoto University (Assistant Professor Dr. Akihiro Sato, Graduate School of Informatics) and Politecnico di Torino (Prof. Anna Carbone). More than 50 researchers inaugurated from the world to this conference, presented various challenges, and exchanged opinions for the future of data science research. The conference venue, named as “Casa Cava”, was cave house, and is located in the region of Sassi in Mattera, which is registered as one of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites.

Our office’s staff members are also participated in this conference with Dr. Sato and gave a presentation of introduction of KU. In addition, Dr. Sato visited our office in Heidelberg before going to Mattera on 7th ,July.

At the opening seminar of 1st day of the conference, the representatives of organizers and local authorities gave greeting speeches; Prof. Anna Carbone, Politecnico di Trino, Mr. Luca Brair, Assessor of Basilicata region, H.E. Raffaello De Ruggieri, Mayor of Matera City, Executive-vice President of the University of Basilicata. Kyoto University European Center also gave opening speech and presentation of Kyoto University, especially the collaboration with Italy and the Graduate School of Informatics. Assistant Professor Dr. Akihiro Sato, who leads the collaboration with UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization – Graduate School of Informatics is the affiliate organization) and works on the frontline of the research of data science, gave presentation on the title of “Evaluation platform for Sustainability of Global System”.

Italy is the important academic partner to Japan since the number of researchers’ exchange is 4th highest countries in Europe, following to UK, Germany and France. However, the number of MoUs between KU and institutions in Italy is quite few as well as student exchange. On the success of this conference, Kyoto University is expected to take leadership on the research collaboration on the data science field, which will be a core and sustainable collaboration between Japan and Italy.


・International Conference “Challenges in Data Science” website


The Old town of Matera (World Heritage Site)

The Conference Venue: Casa Cava (Cave House)

Opening Greeting and Presentation of Kyoto University (by KU European Center)

Presentation by Assistant Professor Dr. Akihiro Sato