ASEAN Center Director Nawata gave a presentation at the 23rd Kyoto University Education Symposium

On 20th of September 2019, 23rd Kyoto University Education Symposium was held at its Katsura campus. Entitled as “Towards 2040: Kyoto University’s Grand Design for Education”, this symposium aims to discuss proposals by the Central Council for Education and to explore a vision for its future directions and objectives of the university’s self-driving educational reforms.

Under the theme of “Current and Future Issues in the Internationalization at Kyoto University”, Prof. Yasuyuki Kono (Vice President for International Strategy, Director of International Strategy Office) firstly observed recent status of KU’s internationalization. While the number of international students and researchers, as well as subject conducted in foreign languages are increasing, the number of KU students studying abroad at a partner university is not. He also observed the difference in each department. Pioneering initiatives led by Graduate school of Agriculture was presented by Prof. Eiji Nawata (Director of Kyoto University ASEAN Center, Professor of Graduate School of Agriculture). He colorfully illustrated how to set up an international course and double degree programs, putting emphasis on the importance of faculty and administrative staff dedicated to such international activities. Prof. Nawata concluded the talk with ASEAN Center’s mission to contribute to a more optimized recruitment in the region as well as to involve more KU students and staff. Lastly, Prof. Shinji Hasebe (Vice Director and Program-Specific Professor, Kyoto iUP Office, Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences) introduced its international undergraduate program. iUP team proactively visited top high-schools in ASEAN, conducted screenings and preliminary courses before the degree-seeking program. Presenters from this panel discussion agreed that both international and Japanese students should interact with each other at Kyoto University.

This symposium attracted about 200 participants, including KU President Juichi Yamagiwa, Vice Presidents and representatives from many departments. Kyoto University ASEAN Center will support educational activities in the ASEAN region further.